groundhogcow (groundhogcow) wrote,

A quick stop for a nap.

When I was 16 I got a 1976 350 Nova. That car was fast. Way faster then a car for someone what young should be, but it was the cheapest car on the lot after I worked a summer saving for it. The car was nice but it was mostly held together by the force of my will. I also watched way to much dukes of hazard and as such I had a tendency to knock the muffler off when my bad shock where not enough to keep my speeding jumping car bottom from dragging the potholes on the back country roads I call home. This was one of those times when my muffler was in my trunk waiting for me to crawl under and put it back on. Without the muffler they 350 was extra loud. Even at slow speeds.

I was over visiting my girlfriend at the time and it was late, like 1 or 2 am late, when her mother told me I needed to go home and could come back tomorrow. Knowing being able to stay over at your girlfriends till such a late hour and still remain on her mothers good graces was a boat you shouldn't rock I said goodbye and headed out to my car.

I started it and it was loud. I also knew it was late and I was in that passes for a town in that area so I tried idling down the street to not disturb anyone. In a small town like that you can be sure you know at least 50% of the families so pissing people off at random is a bad idea. Then an idea struck me. I was just going to sleep a few hours and come back so I could sleep in my car. All I would need is a nice out of the way place where no one goes not to far and everything would be fine. The perfect place would be the old cemetery. I could practically cost there, park behind the builds and no one would even be able to see me. I'll sleep till a little after sun up and then I can come back. I would even save on gas money.

So I pulled my car in slowly got into my position shut down the engine and locked up. It was cold night. A little to cold for this idea, but I have done cold weather camping before. I had a good coat and I was enclosed to keep the wind off so no problems. I bundled up laid back and tried to rest. The cold was hard to sleep in though. I was well rapped and I should be warm but the cold was intense though it was way in my tolerance zone. The heat from my breath fogged up the windows. I considered turning on the car for the heater to warm me and clear the windows but it was to close to town and you don't save gas by keeping your car running. So I bundled up tighter and tried to drift off.

I as I get close to sleep I hear a rustling from the other side of the building I am parked by. I think to myself, it's ether an animal of some other kid was up and heard me come up here. So I decided it's better to make sure I exit the car quietly and talk a walk around. Nothing. It must have been an animal because any person would have had to take of running through the grave yard to not be seen. I head back to the car and without me in it the windows have cleared, but there is a slight bit of frost on the door handle as I open it. It melts in my had as I pull the door handle up. I climb in and just to be sure I lock the door.

I bundle up again happy that I have a little movement heat but I am still colder sitting in the car then I should be. I close my eyes and try to relax but the cold it hard to ignore. I open my eyes for just a second and through the fogged windows I swear see a face turn away. I listen but there are no foot steps. No talking. No nothing. So I rub the spot where I saw the image. It must be my tired eyes and my half dream state. A shadow in the trees. So I decide to start my car and get it growl slowly in the night and make some heat. I know I will need to shut it off before long but I can get a nice warm pocket for me to sleep in. The windows clear and I see in the woods just outside of the graveyard some kind of movement.

I decide it's going to bug me to no end if I don't check it out so I might as well do it sooner rather then later. In case it's kids I had better take my car keys with me so time to shut the car down. I head out and though the windows are clear the frost still covers the car. The had print where I opened the handle was almost invisible now. I moved very quietly to where I saw the movement listening for anything making at little sound as I was. I know there are a host of animals that can move far quieter then I can, but I have yet to meet a human who could. I explored the area as well as I dare and found nothing anyplace. I was also loosing good sleep time.

So I went back to my car and once again melted the frost as I opened the door and bundled up. Not much heat was left but it was time to quit goofing around and get sleep. I lay there as the windows fogged again. I bundled up tight to keep myself warm. I relaxed my mind closed my eyes and slowly drifted, when I heard the door start to open. Immediately I woke up. I had not locked it this time. I turned to the door but the windows where far to fogged and frosted to see out of, and the door shut. I sat shocked for a second and decided I needed to see. I opened the door and looked out to see nothing. I stepped out and looked in the open graveyard and saw nothing. I took a look at the door handle and the frost of the handle was there. No warm hand had touched the door.

I got back in my car. Started it up, drove home very fast and slept till noon.

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