groundhogcow (groundhogcow) wrote,

Ghost Hunting

Me and my wife have a hobby. Truth be told we have more hobbies then a sane man could ever handle. Luckily that is not a limitation for me. This hobby is Ghost Hunting. My wife has her own ghost stories to add to the mix. We never thought we would go out looking for them until I found a geocache in a cool place and when I told everyone about it they started telling me ghost stories about it. Well that was that I had to go back the in the middle of the night. Since it was our last night there and my wife was board I gave her the option of stay in the hotel and sleep for a few hours or come with me. So we went. Wife was scared of the dark and saw a raccoon and was cold so it didn't last long, but with that under her belt and 200 million ghost shows on TV she wanted to do more... only without raccoons.

So we started finding open ghost hunts in out area. We bought some cheap equipment and then went to our first place where we spent a very long night trying to see a ghost. 12 hour of hunting and anther 20 hours of going over data and nothing. OK w try another. Nothing. After your spend so much time talking to empty rooms pretendin to be talking to someone you get a little tired. So on the third place I was extra sceptical. However on the lst hour of data I got two EVP's.

Hill View evp1
Hill View evp2

That was a lot of fun. Only seconds worth of data with about 70 hours and A grand invested but hay why not.

So we do another and though we did not expect something at this sight we get another evp.

Prospect Place

The one thing these have in common is that we didn't have any idea they where happening. W had all kinds of cool ghost hunting stuff but it wasn't doing anything much different then normal. In fact on the last evp the equipment was dead quiet. So what did we learn boys and girls. That there is no telling what can get you evidence and when.

So we book another place. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. A huge building deep into West Virgina which held all manner of sick poor and unwanted people for a very long time until recently. 4 floor to cover in one night so they divide the group up into 4th and take each group to a different floor for two hours. A god system but this is the first time me and my wife have been on a system. Normally on a ghost hunt they just turn you loose say good luck and hope you find a ghost. This sounds kind of off handed, but it works really well at least for me and my wife. We have had all manor of adventure which resulted in no ghosts like the time I tried to explain to a rocking chair that it should rock when I put a Jessie from toy story on it. Or the time I tried to talk a ghost into starting the boiler because my wife was cold or the time I tried to play banjo for ghost slaves on the underground railroad. No ghosts btu still lots of fun. I was not going to fight it because, 1. House rules. if I wanted to play by my rules I should get my own haunted house. 2. They talked differently about the ghost here.

On most ghost tours they talk very carefully about if you see a ghost or maybe and many other things to not get your hopes up to much. This is a good things because did I mention after this trip we will be over 100 hours invested. This place said we would see ghosts. They where very confident. This made me confidant also until we where two floors and 4 hours into the investigation.

We had heard story after story of this ghost does this and this ghost likes that. Don't get me wrong I was having a blast. When they told me this one pair of ghosts where triggered by Dirty Jokes it was a great chance to let the training only being raised by truckers can bring. And when in the kids room they said to play like I child I got to spin around and kick a ball for almost a half hour. No ghost though. Not a big shock no other ghost hunt had much so I knew still had a chance to get something on tape later. The third floor was much like the last two by my wife was running out of steam. It's the fourth floor that became interesting.

On the final floor was a section where they kept the violent people. One for women and one for men. We started in the men and had a great round of nothing. The last place in the entire place for us to look at was the violent women's ward. The tour guide let us know a little secret. The women hate men. They never go after women but men are fair game and they like to sneak up and attack. My wife is dead tired and so are all the other groups. I however am saying to myself I want to see ghosts. I want bigger evidence. I want something to happen. So there are a group of girls with there flashlights set to come on if slightly bumped asking questions to empty rooms. I sit my tired wife down by them look both ways and run down the hall yelling come and get me girls!!!!

I start running in and out of patients rooms. I mess up the curtains. I run through the showers. I am having a generally good time doing everything that I normally do at home when I want to annoy my wife. Then I start feeling creepy. No need to worry I just head back to the group of girls I left my wife with. They have been watching me the entire time and laughing up a storm. My wife has defended my honer by telling them I am even crazier then I appear. However right after walking past the girls every one of there flashlights come on.

We all stare at the flashlights a second. Then I say "If that is you girls turn the flashlights off" and boom they all go off. I am shocked by I say. "If your tired of me running around turn on that flashlight there." and it comes on. "Prove you did that by turning on the light next to it." boom it comes on. We have a fantastic time asking yes no questions and the lights going on and off in response. When it would slow down I would head back down the hall and run in and out of rooms for a while and come back. Then we would do it again. Every time they flowed me back, however with about a half hour left in the investigation for the night I went down the hall to gather up the girls and it's more then creepy. It's dark. And my hairs are standing on end. I can't help but feel there is someone behind me every time I turn around. I decide this is my past trip.

We all do our session cover any last parts and leave right before daybreak. Wife falls asleep on the way home so I am driving as the sun comes up and my side feels funny. I pull off in a rest area head in and look at my side in the mirror. Holly shit.

The ghost bitches scratched me. That is so cool. I wake my wife up to get a picture.

After hours and hours of review once again this picture is the only tangible evidence of the night. The wife had a thing where her necklace kept coming undone and strange boxes we don't know how they work said strange things for reasons we don't know but not knowing why a computer does something does not make a ghost. However scratches are the most fantastic thing to happen on a hunt so far. I hope sometime I can go back because one thing I seem to be able to do is piss off women. Even after there dead.

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