groundhogcow (groundhogcow) wrote,

Who wants a job printing bulletins?

Printer gave me an error that it was out of color ink. had to print off the church bulletins so I went out to get some. 9:30 I decide I should install it so my wife can type and we can get them done. Only the new ink doesn't clear the error. So I reset the printer do all the maintenance jobs and try to set it to black and white and all result in no printing and the error. I check the serial connection to the cartage. It makes an indent on the pins so it's a solid connection. I clean the print head and remove some debris. Nothing.

So I get on chat with tec support and he started down the script. OMG I HATE THE SCRIPT. We update the firmware. Wow software doesn't fix a hardware problem. Who knew. Buy this time I am resolved that there is a short in the memory or the communication module. Tec support is going to send me a new cartage in about a week and if that doesn't fix it there going to do printer repair. So two weeks for that. Well that doesn't help me with the church bulletins.

So I find the old printer. I hook it up and download software so I don’t have to look for the disk. Get it to connect and function, only all the ink except for blue has gone hard. I try cleaning the print jets with ascertain but I can not break through. So we head to Wal-Mart at about 11 to get printer ink. When we get there new printer ink is $50 and a new printer is $30. so we get the printer.

Go home uninstall the old one while I set up hardware. Install the new one. Transfer the files form wife’s pc to mine. Install the software so I can read whatever crazy moon format she uses to make them. Print them off with a few small issues but perfectly usable. Look at the clock 12:45. Take the bulletins to the church come home pass out wake up 15 min after church starts.

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