October 31st, 2020

Schools In

A bit over a deccade ago I found myself in Kansas close to the Missouri line visiting some old friends.    My wife was off on a shopping trip with the old friends, which if you have ever been halfway up the state in Kansas you know means driving a few hours away, and I took the time to go geocaching.

In case geocaching is a new thing to you, it can simply be described as a type of worldwide hide and seak.   People all over take a container and hide it someplace then post the GPS  coordinates of the item.  You then go to that location by whatever means you can, find the container, and sign the logbook.  A lot of locations are boring, but some are incredible.  So many locations have stories and history you never know some are just fascinating just to see them.  I had not had time to research all the history this time, I had just made a list of locations and took off to see what I could find. 

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