October 28th, 2008

Mines under Hill.

Long ago in the area I am from many people had mines where they would go to get coal for there families to heat the big old farm houses in the winter. In modern times propain, fuel oil, or in our case natural gas heat the homes. However long ago it was coal. After a violent rain storm one day part of the road up the hill had not only washed out but had exposed the old mine entrance. These mines where incredibly exciting to me because it was a chance to see under the hill. However not even I was stupid enough to climb down a sink hole and shimmy into a opening that had just sucked down all the storm water. However I did get a chance to reach in and pull out a small metal rod.

I was never exactly sure what the rod was, but I hoped to go down there sometime and see if there where more. However in order to do that I would need good light and something to hold the mine together. Long before I could get any of things I needed though the road was repaired and the entrance once again covered. The only think left from the world in the cave was the metal rod which I quickly grew very fond of and placed on a string.

At times when I wasn't working sometimes I would put the rod around my neck so people would ask me about it and I could tell them about the caves. However I noticed that for a metal rod it was sometimes cold when it should be warm and warm when it should be cold. Not sure why this would be I just continued on with life. However one day I got up and got ready to do my work and picked up the rod to find it was cold as it could be despite the fact it was rather warm that day. So I took it with me while out working. The rod was cool so it was a welcome thing to have on the hot day. Five gallon buckets full of horse food can work up a nice sweet. I was trying to spread out the food so all the horses could have some so I was moving around. The bar suddenly became colder then I could stand. I looked up and found myself standing directly behind a horse. As I saw it's back legs rise in the air I raised a 5 gallon bucket in my hands. With a crack the horse hoof hit the bucket and it splintered into peaces and I fell on my ass. I rolled away from the horse and then went over to sit down and be glad I was alive. I checked the rod to see if it was still there. It was now warm.

It didn't take me long to learn that when the rod was cold bad things happened. Only it seemed every time it happened the rod became less cold. After a year the rod didn't change in temp at all. I made up my mind that I needed to get back into the mines to see if there where more metal rods like it.

I started digging from the top of the hill thinking in time I would make it down and from that location no one would ever find it. However 6 foot down I found out how hard digging was. I looked around and figured out 500 more foot was not going to be reasonable. So I went closer to where the road had washed out a mere 25 foot. Still to hard and the next day it rained filling in the hole I had just dug. No wanting to tell anyone what I had and why I wanted in I decided I needed shelter and time. So I found a loose stone in the basement loosened it and cradled into a open spot under the house no one knew of. From there I spent seeks digging deeper and deeper getting closer and closer to the area under the hill. So much dirt was moved I was beginning to look for ways to hall it off. This was going to be a long project but I needed to find out about the rod. Then one day I left a towel over the loose stone after working on it and my mother saw it. She looked past the stone and saw the deep hole. It was quite an adventure telling her about my digging project but I never told her about the rod. She made me promise to abandon digging. So I cradled back in and took out all the digging tools and found I had also left the rod in there with I left the towel. The rod temp seemed different. Then it faded. I got the impression that it was not deep enough.

I put the rod up and for years it never felt any different. Then on year while walking though the woods I saw a pipe in the ground. I yelled down and heard it echo very deeply. I dropped a rock down and heard nothing. I dropped a bigger rock and bigger. Finlay I heard a sound very deep. I took a look around and saw rocks loose down the hill. There was a old mine around here. This was a air hole. I went home and got the rod and a lot of rope. I slowly lowered the rod in bit by bit inch by inch until finally it quit dropping. When it did stop a cold air came up from the pipe and a cloud went over the sun. It creped the hell out of me. So I pulled the rod back out much quicker and prepared to leave. When it got up it was warm in my hand. Once again the rod worked.

The rod continued to work for a week or so as it did before but it faded much quicker. So I took the rod back and lowered it down the hole for a hour. I wanted to leave it for longer but I could not escape the creepy feeling when the rod was below and I knew if anything happened to it I would never be able to get it back. I didn't know if there where more in the world or only this one. So I only put it down the hole when I was around.

I used the rod for a while but as time went on I found myself farther and farther way at times when the rod stopped working and the creepy feeling never went away. In fact trips to the pipe where soon accompanied by sounds I could not explain. The worse of which where the ones that began to come form the pipe.

So the rod sits in my collection of items. It has been 20 years or more sine the rod has been in the mine. I have not been to the pipe except once in all that time. Things on the hill have changed so it may not even be there now. I never know if I should take it back to see what happens these days or it's best that I just leave well enough alone.