September 18th, 2008


Coming down green garden rd this morning I see something crossing the road. about 100 years ahead. It takes a few steps and looks at me. Takes a few more. By the time I am in close enough view to see what it is it's only half way accost the road. It's a groundhog.

What the hell. move it move it move it. It looks up and I know it's coming. It's going to go in front of me. I get as far right as I can with only 30 foot to go and then it happens. It decided the only safe place on earth is under my tires. I might be able to swerve but if it caches me I don't want to be off balance. So I brace and sure enough it makes it just in time to put it's head under my fount tire. WTH who hit a groundhog with the motorcycle.

Bike took it well. Groundhogs are not the most even of bumps to hit and the treads a little low on the front wheel so when it came back down I was a little worried about traction but all was well.