August 21st, 2008

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Show me state

I did a vacation in Kansas 2 weeks ago. While my wife caught up with old friends I did a lot of geocaching. Being so close to the Missouri line I thought I would do a few in that state as well.

One thing about the great outdoors in the western stats in the middle of summer. There is this thing called a chigger. I have heard of chiggers all my life but I have never had to deal with them. I had been bit up purity good the day before so I had them on my mind. That is until I found a place called Bushwhacker Lake.

Bushwhacker Lake is a indentation or stream that was filled in and turned into a fishing area. A nice chunk of land set asside for hunting also. I ma not sure what is expected since there are fences that would be good for cattle but no cattle to be found. It seems to be public access but no one was around. There are three geocaches by the lake.

The first geocache was a quick 2 min deal at a pull off by the parking area. The second one though was a half mile accost a hay field. It was the best walk I took the entire week, but I knew I was gathering chiggers as I went. When I was done I didn't want to stop so I drove over to the next one past the lake and went a third of a mile to find that one. I walked back brushing off ticks and chiggers. I knew I was covered with the little tiny bugs and I knew they would be biting me just like there friends had the day before. I had to do something.

So I looked around. I am at a lake in the open fields of Missouri and there is no one around for miles. Time to wash them off. So in the 100 degree heat I strip naked in the open field and shake out my clothes. Then I jump in. The lake felt good. I didn't know what fish or snakes live in Missouri so I didn't go out to far but there I was Skinydipping in a public park in the middle of the day.

I wiped myself down a few times went in and out so that I was guaranteed to remove at least the majority of the chiggers. Then dried out in the sun a bit. At 100 degrees in the dry western sun it didn't take long. Shook out the cloths one more time and got dressed to go back to the wife.

So I guess what I am trying to tell you is the show me state is a good place to do a little showing.