June 27th, 2008

What else can go wrong.

I am driving the truck down the road to get the parts for the shadow when there is a Click. The radio goes out the engine stalls at 60 mpg and all the gages go to 0. Then 2 secons later the truck is still costing and things start coming back on. Truck bump starts and all the lights come on and go out as normal. Radio flashes 12 and stiches to am. The only thing that didn't go out our come out is the battery warning light. Also the volt gage is reading low.

I turn around and head home. It seems the main power lead has come off the alternator and grounded against the frame. Now there is no way the truck should have remained running when this happens so I am worried that something burnt out. Also I know my alternator is going to need some fixing.

So I run some tests and sure enough wire to the alternator is dead. So I take it into the shop.

Turns out only a fuse is blown. (we think) and of course the alternator.

So now every vertical I own has broken down in the last 2 weeks. I will have spent about $1200 in emergency car repairs (still one bill coming)

I am burnt out.