June 24th, 2008

Preacher Time

Sunday I gave my first sermon.

It is quite an adventure. I am not called to ministry so I will not become a preacher, but no reason I can't do a little filler work.

If you want to hear it you can listen Sermon 02-22-08
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A nice ride

Saturday I was at home putting the finishing touches on my sermon when my wife calls me up and tells me the transmission is going in her car. Ok honey, Where are you? I ask. Shes at the mall and was at target and went on 60 and the car wouldn't go and people where beeping and she is almost home. ??? Ok homey I'll look at it when your here. Just thinking about the conversation still hurts my head.

So the car comes back. It's over heated and the transmission fluid is gone. So I go out get more trany fluid put it in and zip it around. All is well. For 1 mile. then it starts slipping again and starts overheating. I look at the radiator fluid and see a oily foamy mix. Hmmm thats transmission fluid I tell myself. Then I tell my wife. Then I begin thinking the second part was of that action was a mistake.

Research and 1 2 3 yep core fractured and I am leaking transmission fluid into the radiator. I need a new radiator. I look at the job and think I used to do things like this all the time but I don't want to mess with air conditioning lines. I need a shop. Mabie even one who knows what there doing. So since it's Saturday no one is open. I put this on hold till Monday and make the wife ride around with me in the truck.

Two days pass [see posts about sermon and motorcycle]

Monday comes and it is time to get the car someplace. I call one garage with a tow service. There booked till next week. I call another garage and ask them if they can do it. The say. Well we need to get it here and look at it to know how much it will be. I repeat to them. The car is leaking transmission fluid it is hard to get it to anyplace. Can you do the work. The guy seems to start to understand and says ummm yes we can do radiator work. Great I tell him i'll have it down in a little bit.

I hand my wife the truck keys tell her what garage I am heading to and tell her to follow me so I don;t have to walk home. At the rate I am leaking tranny fluid I know I will be out again by the time I get there so I plan a few stops to get more along the way. I tell my wife and away I go.

I come up to the first stop. One block from my house. There is my daughters ex boyfriend sitting there waiting. He says hi as i cost on by. Mother fucker. I should stop and kick his ass for being stupid right now but I only have so long to get this car moving. I'll come home can kick his ass. I cost on by. The transmission catches and I get to 30mpg. I cost up and down a few hills and come to the second stop sign. No cars coming. I keep my momentum. I am on the main road. No power to the transmission again and boom it catches. I get it up to 45 the transmission starts to slip and I shift into neutral. Up the little hill down the little hill up the big hill. Shift into drive down to 20mpg and boom the transmission catches again. I am up and over. Now it's down the big hill. I pop it back to neutral, I look in my rear view mirror and see my wife starting to drift behind. 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 ... then I am going to fast to watch the speedometer. I look at the first spot to buy tranny fluid. there are not cars in my way and I am going 75 mph. I pass it. I cost up a slow hill and luck out at the first red light and catch it green. Then I am on level ground and costing. The second red light is a right turn. The light is in my favor once again and I am on the final road. Then it catches me my first red light. To many cars to run it. So I stop. Light turns green and I shift into drive. Nothing. Well that was fun... wait wait wait and boom it catches! I made it. but then there it is a guy making a left hand turn. I don't want to loose this so it's through someones yard and back on the road. Luckaly there are no cars around when I need my left turn. I cost into the shop.

It only took them 15 min to look at it and get me a estimate. All the parts where available so 10am in 3pm out. $500 and it's all better. Plus I don't have to get the radiator or tranny flushed anytime soon.

Poor Poor Shadow

Thursday I can coming back form work on the Shadow when I have to switch over to the reserve tank. I do that and get gas, but suddenly only one cylinder is firing. I lip off to the side do a little checking and adjusting. Nothing. So I limp home on one piston.

I pull the plugs and find the fount plug isn't firing. A little research and I found out the bikes have had a problem with the ignition control modules. The recamend switching the two control modules boxes and seeing if the plugs reverse them selfs. If they do it's likely the icm.

Of course I have lots of other things going on. [see sermon and car post] so I let the bike sit till Sunday evening. I pull the seat find the icm plugs and carnally swap them. One of the wires look like hell. In fact I am almost positive it is not connected. It is likely the issue. But when I swap the wires the plug don't reverse they stop working completely. I look at the poor wire and see a break. I hold a wire in place and nothing.

I put the wires back. I hold a wire in place and the front cylinder isn't firring and the back one is. Take the wire off and nothing works. So I remove the ICM.

It seams on the 85 vt500c there is only one ICM box instead of two. I then assume the wiring out is different. A little checking and yep the wire that is broke is the power wire to the hole system. I then spend a hour with a soldering gun carefully rebuilding the broken wires. I put them back in place and like magic I am back to the first problem.

Since I can not swap the ICM boxes how about if I rewire the coil. I manage to get the front wires on the rear coil and I GET A SPARK!!! This means that the entire assembly works and the spark is failing at the coil level. At least I think thats what it means. See I have just given a sermon that I spent a lot of time on and had started work on a car radiator. I was dead on my feet and I didn't trust my logic.

So to be extra sure I hooked everything back up in the bike. Insulated a few other wires that didn't look good put on a new set of wires I had because of poor spark and swapped the coils. Like magic the problem moved from the front cylinder to the back cylinder.

I have ordered new coils. They should be in shortly.
New wires and new coils will likely solve all my bikes issues. It seems to have a week spark and this should make it rock. We will see.