April 28th, 2008

I am not only certifiable I am certified.

After a month plus of classes I am not certified to preach at my local church whenever I like.

they went on to name a bunch of other things they wouldn't mind me doing as well. Which is all well and good because I was quite willing to do those things before I was certified. Only a few things they say I can't do.

Preach at other church. (needs one more class)
Baptiste (they want me to be clergy)
Communion (they want me to be clergy)
Weddings (I would have to be clergy or get my own license)

Of course if I had to I would do any of these things it's just the officials would not be happy about it. I wounder if I could get them to excommunicate me. I am half tempted to get a license to do weddings. That would be sweet.