December 19th, 2007

I just discorvered something about 300 year old eggs.

There not 300 years old. There just nasty.

Let me rewind.

People have a tendency to be greedy and selfish. However the 300/1000 year old egg fly's in the face of this. Someone hundred of years ago decided that they want to make a tasty treat for someone in the future and along the lines no one interrupts them as it passes through multiple generations. This didn't make any sense. That's because it doesn't happen. It's just a egg processed in a special way. It takes less then a year. This means there is no respect for the past or vision of the future in humans.

However the year my grandfather died he planed a apple tree. He would never eat a apple form that tree but he planted in so someone in the future could. It's current owner understands this. However it's not likely to make it another generation.

So humans in general are greedy selfish greedy things. Sometimes single humans are not.