October 25th, 2007


Over on The Mad Music Archive they are having a Halloween song contest. I wanted to join even though my music skills are not up to par with some of the people I am up against. So I am joining. Song has a lot of rough edges still and would love to improve it, but I am letting it go to the world as is so it can be enjoyed. I will work on improving it when I can. Maybe it will be what I want it to be next year. But for this year this is what you get.

Now She Haunts the Mall

UPDATE: 10-29-2007
This song was on The Mad Music Show, Oct 28th 2007. If you don't listen to this podcast you should. I am not in the song contest but I was on a podcast that is also broadcast on several radio stations around the country and the world. I would still like to make my better version some day, but for now ROCK ON!