October 9th, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Jan 30, 1991, I know the date only because I can looked it up. The date of the first real lunar eclipse that I knew of. I was several years into collage and many of my friends who I had past adventures where in the Gulf War, had left the quiet little town or where off to collages of there own. I decided I would watch every second of the eclipse. In fact I declared it. No matter what.

So I left my watch behind and headed through the woods and to the back fields created from the strip mines. I went to a pond created from settlement water and took up position on top of a bolder. I then watched the moon rise to the top of the sky. Determined to see it through I declared out loud I would not move from this spot until the eclipse had ended. One hill over from where a phantom wolf bit my friend. Accost the street from where red eyes watched me camp. In full view of where my friend dreamed of my secret ring. In water pumped from blue water lake. If you have been reading my stories for years you might start to figure out exactly how stupid such a statement could be.

So I sat happily watching the moon take on it's reddish hue. First a small chunk vanished then the shadow of the earth became larger and larger covering half then 3/4 of the moon. I sat happily watching. Then with just a crescent remaining and fading fast I felt cold. The temp around me felt like it had dropped 15 degrees. Looked around but the sky hadn't changed the wind hadn't changed I just felt cold. The moon vanished leaving only it's dim shadowed form in the sky. That is when I heard the clank in the wood. I turned to the sound and squinted in the darkness. Nothing showed up and no more sounds where made. But when I turned back a thick fog had risen off the covering all but the closest parts of it from view. The moon remained dark. I looked from the lake to the woods to the moon. Back and forth. I began to wounder exactly how important seeing the full eclipse was to me. I them looked at the long open field and tight wooden lane I would have to take to get to the nearest house. I had no idea how long the moon had been dark or how long it was to stay dark. It didn't matter ether for with no watch I would never know how much longer I would have.

Then I felt a calm warmth. For some reason this bothered me more then anything so far. I looked behind me where the warmth seemed to be coming from and saw a fog rolling over the two hills behind me both coming at the lake. Lit as if by moonlight they where as clear as could be. Only there was no moonlight. The moon was in shadow and the fog carried a moonlit glow of it's own. As if to answer the though on my mind the fog swept over the field I would need to cross to escape. Then slowly rolled to the lake where I sat turning from the moon to the lake to the woods to the fog. The warm feeling left and the cold covered me. I thought to myself I would just wait not moving until the moon light came back then all would be better. I carefully watched and waited. Then the fish in the lake started snapping at the water right in front of where I sat. I lifted my feet and added the lake to my worries.

Then in what seemed to take forever the moon came back in a little sliver. Only the fog did not go. The fish splashed and went back into the deeps of the lake and I heard a rustling in the woods. I stranded to see through the fog. This time the sound seemed to be moving from the deep part of the woods to the part closest to me. Surly I had seen enough. I had made it through the eclipse and it was only a matter of waiting for the moon to come back. I had done it I reasoned with myself. Despite everything that happened I had watched the moon. Then I looked up to see the widening sliver. No, I hadn't. I was 2/3 though and I meant to see it all. So I declared out loud again. "I am staying through this." The sound stopped. Oh how I wish it had run away like a deer who was scared. It just stopped. But as I looked in the moonlight the fog was fading.

I then sat for as long as it took for every sliver of the moon to come back. In the full moon light there was no fog on the hills or on the lake. There had been no sounds since my last statement so I got up and noticed the night felt as warm as it did when I started. So I took the first few steps back to the house. Then for no good reason I thought it would be better if I ran all the way home.