September 6th, 2007


I had satellite internet for a long time because there was no choice other then dialup at 28.8. Recently it went belly up and started dropping 50% of it's packets. That is apposed to it's normal 10%. Plus ping time had gone form 600ms to 1200ms in a corperate attempt to make the customers more unhappy. When I called to get it fixed I was told it could cost up to 300 to fix it. For that kind of money it was time to switch to evdo. So I researched found out my contract was up on the 12th got evdo in the house and setup and started on my latest adventure.

8/1/2007 Call up wildblue to cancel the account. Given cancellation code. Email stopped working. (equipment was disconnected before that.) With the account payed up till the 12th I should be all set.
8/2/2007 Billed for wild blue.
8/early the next week/2007 Called wild blue to complain. I was told the request had not been processes and I would be refunded all my money at the end of the month. I thought this was a horrible solution but it was a solution. So I let it go.
8/2?/2007 I got this sinking feeling. Checked credit card and saw no money. Called wildblue. Account still not canceled. I was bumped up in priority and assured the money was going to be there at the end of the month. I was all canceled and all that was left was to have billing refund me.
8/31/2007 Billed for wild blue.
9/4/2007 Called wild blue. Told my account was in processing that I would get my money sooner or later. I did not accept that. I was told that the only thing they could do was have a manager call me in 24-48 hours. I told them the manager wouldn't call because they suck.
9/6/2007 48 hours later manager has not called. Called wild blue. I was told my account was at the highest priority. Latter I had it bumped up in priority. I was told they could not help me only the billing department could. When I asked them to put me in contact with the billing department they said they didn't have the number. When I asked them for any corporate number they told me they had none. When I asked them what number they call when they don't get payed they would not answer.
9/6/2007 Called the credit card company and refuted the two charges. They where happy to help.
9/6/2007 Filled complaint with Denver Colorado bbb.

At this point I am looking for more ways to be a pain in the ass. I expect the credit card company will fix this. Normally I don't get excited about such things but I am so glad to be on the winning side of one of these fights for a change. Wat else can
I do that would get me money and or be very mean to the company.