July 10th, 2007

Sugar Yummmmmm

Today I went to get my blood sugar done for my dr's appointment on the 18th. I have lost the lbs I seem to have put on during the 4th and the mini vacation I took after the forth. (I'll talk about that later) So 8 days to go. I need good sugar numbers today. Home test said 114 which is good. Perfect would have been 100-110. My last official test was 170. With a A1C of 11.

My blood pressure is way down. It has gone from upper normal to very low. My pause is down to about 75. I have lost 41 lbs and I am working hard to be under 250 fully dressed by the time I step on the scale on the 18th. (This is mega diet week)

What I want is for for the dr to continue my meds and see me again in 6 months after I have lost most of the rest of my weight. At which time we will see about not taking pills any more. That would make me happy. Or at least happy with the doctor. I think 20 bags of cheese puffs & 10 letters of Pepsi would make me happy.