June 11th, 2007

So where am I

I juts signed my daughter up for summer school because she flunked world culture. She didn't put much effort into passing it. Now we have to rearrange everything for 6 weeks so she can go to summer school plus yell at her every other day so she doesn't flunk again. So there will not be many geocaches this summer.

Son if off on a tangent in stupidity as he finds out the world is exactly as I told him it was. No one wants to support him and he has to work for anything he wants. It will be a few hard years for him till he figures it out and he is any fun to talk to.

Wife wanted a different car more then anything in the world. So much so that she came up with a new scheme to get one every week. So she got a new car today. She is happy about it, but says she is tired from seeing her dad in hospital. So basically she is not ever going to be excited about it and in a short time she will want something else.

Myself. I am on a diet and can't eat the food I enjoy. I don't get allot of pleasure out of comics anymore. Definitively not for the money. I now have to work and save for about 5 months to get the bills all payed to where they need to be and I don't expect to have allot of free cash.

I am tired and thanks to me fixing other peoples lives it's going to be alot harder for me to have fun. Oh well.