January 30th, 2007

A spoon full of black hole

Once long ago I had a teacher talk about if he had a spoon full of black hole material and he dropped it that it would create a hole in the earth as it yo-yoed through the crust back and forth until it came to rest in the center of the earth.

Well as we all know a spoon full of a singularity is extremely hard to get as it keeps tending to fall into a single point over and over again. The only way to prevent this is to take some of the mass out of the black hole and get a spoon full of the resulting material. This however creates it's own problems. Namely how to you break a black hole.

When attempting to break a normal object you can simply hit it hard enough or fast enough and it will break. But in this case the black hole is constantly being hit with mater being accelerated to close the speed of light. Which is about as fast as it can go and thanks to the relativity effect the mass gets very large also. Yet black holes clearly have a finite about of matter in them so there has to be a way of extracting a sample of black hole mater.

Now many galaxies contain a large black hole in the center from what I am going to assume was a huge star formation which has died and is now combining. This means that black holes are being sucked into black holes. The resulting collisions of infinites is causing no reaction. Even a collision of two like sized black holes is not likely to do more then create a few gravity ripples.

You could create hammer out of then entire mass of the galaxy and not even dent a black hole. Of course the harmer would be so large it would collapse under the weight of it's own mass and become a black hole, but that's a different problem.

It seems the only thing lack holes are at all vulnerable to is particles quantum jumping out. This is where we can get tricky. If we can create something which can make 90% of the mass of a black hole jump a few million miles we could be left with 10% of a black hole. The mass of such a object could be below the black hole threshold. If it's not we will just adjust the percents. At which time we will finally be able to go over and get our teaspoon full of matter.

Which leads to our second issue. What happens to black hole matter when it stops being a black hole. Will the 10% of the mass still be in a singularity or will the compress neutrons reform into a simple neutron star? Or worse off will the quantum energy held in a singularity for so long erupt. If so be sure to maintain a proper safety distance when doing this.

Which now leads me to what could be the most fun event ever. Taking black holes and exploding them by quantum jumping matter from them. Imagen the fun you can have taking black holes and separating them into 2,000 parts which all explode with quantum energy. The only thing that could survive being hit by such an explosion would be a black hole.