January 23rd, 2007

Back in my truck

Let's rewind. So I gout out of work get in my car start it up and it goes uda da uda da. Sounds like it's missing and I have lost a good bit of power. So instead of playing machanic I drive strate to the saturn shop. Which is not a easy thing to do in PA given that none of the rodes are strate and everything is up hill. But I manage to put put all the way there. Only to find out the machanics left a hour ago. They said if I left it over night they could look at it tomarrow. That negates the concept I can't get home. So I decide to drive home.

I get a nice head of steam going on the highway and I hold it costing down the hills and using as little power as possible going up. Deffinitly an impressive bit of driving, only it's constrution season in PA so of course I end up coming right into stop and go trafic. I know this is not going to work because while I am a good stopper the car seems to be having some truble stopping.

So I zip off to a side street where there is no traffic. Only in order to get no traffic I once again have to go up and down the steam hills. So I am chuggin up a hill at 5mph when I hear chunk and the car gets louder. I get in step out and look under. My brand new catalictic converter is chery red.

So I have ot tell the wife. I got car truble please follow me to the garage so I can get my car worked on. So it's morning and we start the adventure of taking the car back. Only now it's much louder plus it gets hot a lot faster. I have to call the wife up a few times to ask her is flames are coming out of the back of my car. A few times smoke startes running into my cab. I end up driving with the windows down just in case the computer burns and the doors will not open.

So I do get it to the shop and after most of a day in they tell me it's my ignition coil and plus all the fuel lines melted and to fix it all will cost at least $1200. I had put $1600 into for the catalitic converter and $1100 for some suspention parts. So I had had enough. No more. Thats it. So I decided to replace my car. And more to the point I think I need a truck.

So I start truck hunting. I find a nice $10K truck but I thought I would find something cheaper and simpler if I could. Only after two used car sales men started dragging there feet the 10K truck started looking better and better. So I take it for a test drive. Of course I have my wife with me since she is my ride. But she has to go to work so I send her off and go to buy it myself attempting to drive it off the lot. 3 hours later I am still waiting for someone to get into high gear. If I wasn't stuck there I would have given them the finger and left. But then I did somethng very unlike me. I was asked if I wanted to buy the service contract and I said yes. I have worked on trucks for years but something said do it do it.

So about a month into having the truck I notice I am going through coolent. I refill and the next day or two I need to refill. So I check all my hoses. I can't find a leak. I am sure all my machanic frends are seeing this coming, but that means head gaskit. So I drive down Wednesday Dec 27th to have them look at my truck. Well they can't look and tell me to bring it back the next day. So the 28th I bring my car in super early. I get a lift to my wifes car and take it for the day, only I have to leave early to get my wife. It's 3pm and I pull into the auto shop when my daughter remembers she has a doctors appointment in a hour. So I give the car to my wife and tell her to call me after as I deal with the auto shop. It didn't take long there abandoned to find out they hadn't even looked at my car.

My wife gets back at 5 and still there only thinking of looking at my truck. I am livid because I have been tring to get someone to look at my headgasket all day. So me and the family go out for lunch. Oh wow the middle of a meal I get the phone call. Your tucks fucked we are sending it to the ford shop do you need a rental. Well yes I do. Oh whats this you say I would have to do that in the next 20 min. Oh sure all day no one can hurry to save there ass and now I am the one who has to run around. So I leave my wife to pay for the meal take her car run get a rental sign papers go back get my wife go back get her car and head home.

Friday I call to see if they hear anything. They tell me ford is working on it. Saterday and Sunday where new years so was Monday. So Tuesday I call and Ford is working on it. Wednesday I call and ford is working on it, but then I get a call from ford. They want permission to look at my truck..... What the hell why did they think it was there. Yes look at it fix it. Make my truck run again. So one week after I first tried to fix it someone is going to look at it. But there is a catch. There not sure it's the head gasket. They want to do a full diagnostics.

So Thursday I decide I am going to call ford directly. They did a tairdown and they can't find a problem with the head gasket so there going to send the heads off to a machine shop. Friday they sent the heads in and there waiting. Monday there still waiting for results. Tuesday they get the heads back. There is no problem with them oh ya and they found the issue with the head gasket and there going to fix it. Wednesday I get my truck back.

The only problem is ford was handling the insurance bill and didn't know I had a rental. Oh well have fun with yoru $300 bill I am out of here. Thank you service contract.

Ok thats not the only problem. Thursday I got out to buy some food and my break light comes on. Seems the brake line is leaking like a founton. So I head back to the shop on friday. It take all day but they look at it. Only the machanic can't fix it that day. So I get to see my truck again monday. I don't bother with a rental because I just don't want to talk ot the rental people again. Since it's in all monday I tell them to look at the air conditioning also since it doesn't seem to be working.

So Monday night I get my truck out. They did a good job fixing the brake lines but they tell me the air conditioning is secretly working and I will nto be able to tell it's workign until spring... ya right. But fuck it just give me my truck. I drive my truck a block then walk back and get my wifes car just so I don't have to be in there parkign lot.

So I am back in my truck for the last week. Until the next thing.